How does it work ?

Even if our solution is easy to use, it is technically complete. Let us explain it in few words.

Once you have selected the better offer, log on to your site in order to enter the content of your menu:

At any time, you can use the list of languages. It will allows you to capture the contents of your menu in other languages. By ticking the box named "I want to show my clients", your translated menus will be available to customers.

Whenever you want, you can edit the flash code (QR code). Copy it to your computer in order to print it on paper chart. You can also choose to print on NFC media paper to stick it on your tables.

You can also ask us to print your menu in Braille (tactile highlighted writ) some information that will be used by blind customers. It will help to find the scanner code.

NFC may be embedded in the support (called "tag") previously described. The customer will only have to put his phone device on it to access your menu.