My waiters do not speak foreign languages. How can they understand what the tourists order?
Ask the client to tap the name of the dish. It will be imediately translated in the language you have selected to be the default.
What will be the default language of my menu ?
When the client connects to the menu our application will check the language on his mobile device. If a translation exists then it will show the menu in that language. If it does not, then it will be displayed in the language that you have selected to be the default one.
How long does it take for the changes to the menu to be visible by the client?
Because the menus are hosted online, the changes are visible immediately.
Do I need to buy a new QR code or NFC tage after I modify my menu?
No. The QR code and NFC allow the client to connect to the menu from a mobile device. However what is in the menu can be modified at any time without changing the QR code or NFC tag.
Who can access my menus?
Everyone ! All that is needed is a mobile device that can read QR codes or NFC tags
How can I switch to another offer?
Contact us at any time in order to change your offer.
How many languages does iTwim support?
As many as you want. Check our plans and offers to find for more details.
Can I take a break while translating a menu?
Yes. It is you who decides at what point you want to make a translation available to the customers.
Does the iTwim solution make my menus more accesible to blind customers or people having problems with their vision?
Yes ! Any client that has a mobile device equipped with a voice synthesizer can listen to a menu... and in multiple languages !
Do I need to speak multiple languages in order to translate my menu ?
No ! Contact us and we will take care of the translation for you.