About Us


iTwim is the result of reflecting on a question we asked to a group of clients :

How can you make a restaurant more attractive to the customers ?

The answers revolve around 3 points :

  • A restaurant that clearly shows its prices
  • A restuarant that makes its menu accesible in multiple languages
  • A restaurant that follows the right accesibility regulations

To meet these demands, we decided to create an internet website that will efficiently display in real time your services, while taking advantage of all digital mediums.



As stated in the law passed on the 1st of January 2015, the access to all for all is a right. It is logical. However there is still a long way to go.
iTwim will be the partner who will simplify your life, ensuring that all of your customers can easily access the list of your culinary specialties.
You serve the best food and would like it to be known ? iTwim is your ideal partner.
  • Imagine... content that is evolving.
  • Imagine that your menu is accesible everywhere on any mobile device.
  • Imagine that the menu is not only readable, but can be listened to in multiple languages.
  • Imagine...that you are an iTwim client.
  • We invite you to make yourself visible and accessible by all.
  • We publish your restaurant menu while taking into account your specific needs
  • All menus, fast food or brewery, theme or gourmet, any establishment can benefit from our services and can become accessible to the entire population.